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Our Testamonials

Jeffery Mobley

"I can't speak highly enough about Dogville and what they've meant to our family.
We adopted a rescue,(Mally), in July with severe anxiety issues.
Karmen and Michael welcomed her with open arms
she has not only worked through her issues, got off the sedatives, but also worked into a special social environment.
Mally always enjoys her time at dogville, even if it means she may have to take a bath!
Definitely give them a call you will not regret it!!"

Laurel Bellochio

"I truly can't say enough wonderful things about Karmen and the rest of the Dogville team.
From the beginning, they've made us feel safe and secure about bringing our girl for daycare 
and boarding,especially with how nervous I was in the beginning about leaving her.
They are generous people who genuinely care about the dogs that come to them.
They threw Stella a birthday party for her first birthday, and she has been in attendance for a few other parties while at daycare.
They have shown how above and beyond they go to provide a positive experience for everyone.
I recommend them to all pet parents!!"

Lindsey Arens

"Dogville has been an absolute godsend for me and my pitty mix rescue girl, Lila.
Karmen, Michael, Kennadi and Bri, are so educated, compassionate and flexible.
My little 8 yr old, Yorkie did well there when I took a 3 day trip.
She also gets groomed by Karmen, and always looks like a little puppy, and not an 8 yr old.
I cannot say enough nice things about this establishment.
They take such amazing care of every pup and are just the kindest people we have ever met!!
I always feel good leaving my fur baby with them knowing they will spoil her and love her.

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