our New Private suites

Welcome to our luxurious suites, where your fur baby will experience the ultimate comfort and care during their stay with us. Our suites are designed with your dog's well-being in mind, ensuring a home away from home that is both secure and enjoyable.

What your dog will exp​ect at our private suites


Each suite is spacious and cleaned, providing a safe enviornment for your pet. The suite is equipped with premium bedding offering a cozy and comfortable retreat for your dog to rest and relax. Our climate controlled facilities maintain a pleasant temperature year round ensuring your dog's comfort 

Caring Workers

Our trained and caring staff members are dedicated to providing personalized attention to each dog in our suites. Regular playtime and exercise are scheduled to keep your dog active and engaged, promoting both physical and mental well-being.


Private suites are $55/24 hour period.

  • For dogs that don't play well with others
  • Is reactive 
  • Or just needs some private time to themselves and need much smaller play group

Our Facility 

At our facility, we believe in creating a positive and enjoyable experience for your pet. Our suites are designed to exceed your expectations, providing a comfortable and loving temporary home for your cherished companion. When your dog stays with u​s, they'll receive the utmost care and attention, ensurung a tail wagging good titme.