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Additional Services

Nail Dremel $10
*For the shortest nail trim and gets rid of sharp edges

Nail Painting $15
*Choice of color and short hair dogs only

External Anal Glands Expression $10

Teeth Brushing $10

Hair Tinting $30 and up
(Discuss pricing and design with Groomer)

Blueberry Facial $10

De-Shedding $20-$45+(depending on size, coat and condtion)

Oatmeal Shampoo-$5-$10

Shampoo and Conditioning Treatments

De-Pepe La Pew -$25

Our special shampoo mixture reduces the smell of skunk spray.

Oatley Awesome -$5-$10

A soothing Oatmeal Shampoo bath. The Vitamins and proteins, in oats, help to nourish the skin and help with dry,itching skin. This also comes with Nose butter and Palm balm application to soothe and moisturize the nose and Paw Pads.

Mud Therapy/Vegan Detox -$30

Mud Bath therapy promotes the feeling of relaxation and tranquility in your pup. It also benefits your pups coat by eliminating dead, irritated skin and can relieve irritations by cooling the itchy and uncomfortable areas by hydrating the skin and removing dandruff. In the wintertime, Mud baths have been shown to also be helpful to relieve arthritis pain. This includes Detox Shampoo, Conditioner, Mud treatment and matching Cologne. ** Certified Vegan Formula Free from Animal derived ingredients.

Snow White -$5-$10

See your pups coat come back to its natural white and bright color with our Shine Brightening white shampoo.

Flea Funeral -$30

This includes Capstar which kills fleas up to 24 hrs. This is a two-step process to take care of odor, parasites, flea dirt and then re-moisturize. *All treatments are in addition to pet’s bath or groom price.

Hydra Bliss -$25-$35

The ultimate spaw product for your pup. It is a refreshing shampoo, moisturizing infuser and conditioner that promotes hydration and refreshment, provides shine and softness to the coat. It also contains a lipoprotein complex which moisturizes and recovers dry damage coat. Leaves coat refreshed and comes with a matching cologne which leaves a soft lovely scent.